I recovered from my severe health problems & my Diabetes has been cured 8/18/2012。

I got suggestions to visit Dr. Yeh in Oct. 2011 from my closest friends. Then, from the first time of being treated, I felt of getting real luck! From this time until now I am proud of being his patient all over this time. I am 64; I had pre-existing conditions such like: two heart attacks, followed by 2 surgeries with followed by meshes (stents) installation in clogged arteries within my heart. Also, in time of my first visit I had sugar level over 220 and used pills (2 types) to lower it. A diabetic pre-condition is chasing me whole my adolescence – I have family history of this disease. Both my parents, both my grandmothers died from complications followed this evil. Western medicine tries its best. Its recommendation: only surgery and heavy medication would help me.
Doctor Yeh’s approach is completely different. His medicine includes extremely sophisticated massage technique; his scientifically proved Chinese Acupuncture with electrical micro-current pulse-dance –dispense – intermittent-ripple waved micro current made it possible me to recover in few months!
I got many lessons from Dr. Yeh! One of the most important seems to be the notion of importance of exercising and hiking and getting them both as often as possible. The role of food also comes to me after discussion with Dr. Yeh. From the day one, I changed my eating habits: I am keeping abstinence from either meat, or fish, or dairy products from the day one I started treatment. The advice to use only fresh natural food (Raw food) I took by all my heart. And the Magic juice Dr.Yeh provided, cleaned my body the way no other methods or pills can!
Western Doctors, who treated me before, were astonished, when they examined my body (I have yearly exam proscribed after last heart treatment). One of these gentlemen did my heart surgery, another treated diabetes. Exam of my health includes treadmill, ECG, blood test for cholesterol and sugar, X-ray, etc.
This January I had my yearly exam. To my surprise, Western doctors mentioned, that, according to analyses, I don’t need any pills, I have used last few years. That includes: sugar level treatment – two pills, blood pressure lowering medicines -one pill, for blood thinning medicine -one pill.
I stopped all this pills at once! The only medicine left is baby aspirin one pill a day! Last month (July) all tests were taken again (except treadmill and ECG), and no any problem has been found!
Dr Yeh and his team really saved my life, their treatment helps me to keep healthy lifestyle, reverse my aging, it improves my work productivity, relive my interest in the life and willingness to be a stronger, better man!

Thank you, Dr Yeh!
You and your team is now essential part of my life!
Michael Feldbaum,
Tel. 408 348 1XXX, San Jose, CA